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My name is Anderson Charles, and we started Ownkind Handyman Services to bring value to the community by providing professional handyman work for people who either lack the time or the means to do minor work around their houses. We do drywall, painting, flooring, tv installation, and more. I have spent roughly a decade in the construction industry working in areas like roadway design, utility locates, and residential housing. I have worked for companies like; Atlantic Southern Paving, the City of Deerfield Beach, and Broward County Government. We do most of our work for residents around Broward County, Miami, and the West Palm Beach area. We also work with contractors in commercial work like schools, office buildings, and warehouses. We serve small to midsize companies with utility locates and small designs for permit purposes.


We aim to have a respectable relationship with the people we serve and expand our scope in the future to build houses and commercial buildings in the South Florida market.

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